Attractive characteristics of woods we use

Today we would like to tell you the attractive characteristics of woods used for our wooden boxes.

Good hints for you to select the best wood for your boxes.

You know about the characteristics of Paulownia if you have read previous Blog, haven’t you ?

  1. Falcata white wood

It is very soft and white. Moreover, because it is very beautiful white material and price of Falcata box is very reasonable cost,

it is used various types of boxes , such as boxes for ceramics, gifts and packaging.

That is why many our customers like the Falcata wood box.

2.    Fir

German fir, which we import is hard, solid touch and heavier.  In addtion, it is bactericidal and deodorant.

So, many our customers use Fir wood box as box for Bento, wines and any foods.

3.     Cedar

We use two types of Japanese cedar, artistic cedar and regular cedar.

Both of Japanese cedar are soft, light and unique fragnant.

If you need clear lacquered wooden box, we recommend you Japanese cedar because its grain is so beautiful.







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