Competitive IT Strategy SME Selection 100 Program

09/20/2017 2:56 PM

Our company was selected by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of the companies in the Competitive IT Strategy SME Selection 100 Program. For the detail... (more)

Attractive characteristics of woods we use

09/14/2015 4:06 PM

Today we would like to tell you the attractive characteristics of woods used for our wooden boxes. Good hints for you to select the best wood for your... (more)

Why KIMONO is always stored in the Paulownia Box?

08/24/2015 5:20 PM

Do you know what kind of items are stored in the Paulownia Box ?? Books ? Chocolate ? Neckless ?? No, in Japan, we store hanging scroll, tools... (more)

Summer Festival 2015 in Tokyo

07/13/2015 4:55 PM

We showed up our products in Summer Festival 2015 in Tokyo , which was hosted by The Association for the advancement of the Japanese Culinary. The Summer Festival... (more)

The Eco-Friendly Company

06/25/2015 3:50 PM

We are aiming at the eco-friendly company . In order to be kind, and to preserve the nature, the following measures are taken ; We use the Japanese... (more)

Welcome and Welcome back to Mihagi Kougei

06/18/2015 2:02 PM

We harmonize Japanese tradition with modern Japanese culture. We make our best efforts to present the unique product to make your life happier. Our professional craftsmen bring your... (more)