Mihagi Kougei is aiming at the eco-friendly company.

In order to sustain the future of the natural resources , and to be kind to the nature, the following measures have been taken in our sourcing the material and production process.

1. In order to keep the natural touch and color of the boxes , the lye of the wood should be removed.
The easy and quick way to remove the lye is to use the chemical material which is not kind to the nature.
Mihagi kougei has adopted the process which conserve the environment.

  • Water tank

    (1) We have a special water tank facility in our factory.

  • Water tank

    (2) All the paulownia panels have been piled up in the water tank.

  • Water tank

    (3) The natural river water has been poured into the water tank and heated up .

  • Water tank

    (4) The panels have been in the water tank for about 15 days and change the water. This process has been repeated twice.

  • Water tank

    (5) After soaking process is over, the the panels are dried up under the sun for about 3 months.


2. We purchase the wood and the logs from around the world. The quality of the material is very important to make the exquisite boxes but at the same time , we also very concern the sustain of the natural resources.

Falcata forest in Indonesia

We import a lot of Falcata wood from Indonesia. Falcata is the white wood and fast growing tree.
Falacata becomes a grown-up tree in five years which prevent us from felling the natural trees.


We use a lot of Japanese cedar which offers a beautiful grain.
We use only the Japanese cedar which has [3.9 green style mark ] which is in conformity with the Greenhouse gas reduction of the Kyoto Protocol.

Cedar forest in JapanGrain of CedarGrain of CedarGrain of Cedar


We also import a lot of fir from Germany , which has a solid touch.
We only use the fir with PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certificate which proves the fir with the controlled deforestation.

Fir from Germany