Message from CEO

In Japan, there is a long cultural tradition of people putting gifts in an elegant or elaborately designed wooden box when sending a gift from the heart. Making use of gentle wood textures and selected wood grains which express a deep connection to nature, as well as the durability which wooden material naturally provides, our decorative wooden boxes make it possible to heighten the value of your products or gifts and convey your feelings to those who are precious to you.

Paulownia (Asian Empress Tree) boxes have been especially required when encasing Japanese traditional crafts of tea ware, flower vases, hanging scrolls, etc. Wooden boxes have been used to hand down such traditional crafts to posterity for several hundred years by writing down the title of the artwork and the name of the artist in traditional black ink (called “sumi” in Japanese) on the surface of the wooden box. Also, writing the name of the sender and the receiver along with the reason for sending the gift enhances the value of the gift.

Recently, it has been popular to use wooden boxes to decoratively pack such things as liquor bottles, food, jewelry, stationery, books, art objects, clothes and many more items, as well as traditional crafts. We offer wooden boxes of various sizes and shapes; large to tiny, multistory stacking, square, hexagonal and octagonal shape. As for material of our wooden boxes, we select from a range of fine wood material, including paulownia, cedar, fir, falcate, etc., depending on the type of gift being sent. We can decorate the box with beautiful strings to secure it, and paint it with the Japanese highest-grade black lacquer called “wajimanuri”.And we can also print your logo or company name onto the boxes.

In short, Mihagi Kougei offers not only a variety of ready-made gift boxes, but also such custom boxes which will reflect your taste in design. It is our total commitment to provide you with wooden gift boxes which are made by our artisans, whose skills have been honed and nurtured in Japanese traditional culture, so that the value of any gift sent in the box will be greatly appreciated and endure over time.

It will be our privilege to assist you in bringing heart touching happiness to your loved ones and customers by adding special value to your gift with our exquisite wooden gift boxes.

Hiromi Ono
Mihagi Kougei Co., Ltd.