Japanese Lunch Bento Box


Japanese Lunch Bento Box

Our Japanese lunch bento box will delight your eyes and accentuate the beauty of the dish.
It is made of lacquered German fir, and the lacquer we use is permitted under the Japanese Food Sanitation Act.
Except German fir, we can make your Bento box made of Japanese cedar, Paulownia and Falcata white wood as per your request.
We can meet the size as per your request as well.
Please have a great time with our Japanese lunch bento box.

  • All our boxes are handmade and custom made.
  • The inner size: BOX: 7,5 X 7,5 X H 4,5 cm X 4
  • The shape and structure of the box , paint , lid structure , inner size and many accessories are available.
  • Made by highly experienced craftsmen at our factory.

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